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All started with an idea

Phantom Miniatures and the Iceland Project started from an idea born during 2007 Christmas Holidays.From that moment on all sprout like a natural flows of concepts and other unstoppable ideas of which, this website, is one of the most recent ones.Through this portal all the visitors will be able to have a solid idea regarding the background around which had been developed the range of miniatures of the Iceland environment and also have the possibility to check and buy all these marvellous pieces.

The menu on the left side of the screen will enable you to visit all the parts of this website.At the end of your visit please feel free to send me an email regarding your opinions.Thanks in advance for your timeFrancesco

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All the web pages had been produced with Magix by Francesco Accordi. All rights referred to Phantom Miniatures and the range of its miniatures are © Phantom Miniatures 2009.Phantom Miniature and all its products are property of Francesco Accordi.

Phantom Miniatures

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